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"Once You Have A Direct Experience Of The Light Realms &
 Your Own God Presence ... You Own It ... It Is Yours Forever!"

New Human - New Earth

Diana Gazes & The Lighteam


This site is designed to support your transformation, high level wellness, health and rejuvenation as we gracefully move through the great acceleration now occurring within each individual and the Earth.

You can optimize the frequency shifts in your body, mind and spirit. We want to help you understand, receive and integrate the high frequency energies and new codes of consciousness now coming to the Earth: private sessions, workshops, high frequency multi-media healing CDs/DVDs/photos, and health resources and products.

Now is a time of great opportunity and manifestation of your Divine Abilities and Projects.

Now is the time for learning practical applications of using our Spiritual Gifts and Power in everyday life ... Stepping into Conscious Evolution as we move from Human Being to Divine Human.


Gifts of Transformation
make a difference... and open a field of energy


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Please call Diana if you would like to organize a "Field of Possibility" or "Spheres of Love" event, conference call or teaching activation in your part of the world.

Phone: 786-300-6063 , or email


I have had several sessions with Diana and in every one I have had a tangible experience of Higher Beings working with me in many ways. In every session I have experienced profound healing energy, clearing of emotional issues, clearing of past life traumas, integration of Presence, and always lots of information and insights. I am very grateful that Diana is making this work available as it is a great assistance in one's personal evolution and in planetary healing. 
- - Stephanie Lash, CNHP

New Wellness Technology Products for High Energy Rejuvenation
I have found wonderful products for supporting your higher level wellness in this time of great change:

PEARLCIUM uses pearl powder as a powerful role in the maintenance of youthful skin tone and the promotion of vital skeletal and bone health &
MULTIPURE WATER FILTERS Drink & Shower with fresh pure water.
The best water filters ON SALE NOW!

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