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Transmission opens a Stargate, activating a quantum "Field of Possibility" through Light Infusion and Harmonic Resonance.

This CD is a magical combination of music, mountain streams and sacred vocal invocations recorded live against the radiant beauty of Panther Meadow on the slopes of Mount Shasta, where large pastel balls of light were seen floating directly above the production site.

Transmission is a co-creation with Angels, Ascended Masters and many from the Higher Light Realms imprinting this CD with Great Love, Healing Energies and Universal Codes of Light.

This sacred journey into the Heart of the Creator opens direct communication with your Authentic Self and Source.  Your innate Genius and Creativity are naturally awakened and re-established in oneness as the heart opens.

Cost: $17.00 (US) plus $5.00 shipping.

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"Transmission" CD
Volume I Essence Signature of Sacred Mount Shasta
Diana Gazes and TheLighTeam

Our planet and humanity are presently going through a major evolutionary shift.  This is an unprecedented opportunity.  Many projects, including this CD, are being inspired from the light realms at this time to help support this process of awakening into a higher order of being.

Everything consists of energy oscillating at specific frequencies.  The name of the game on Planet Earth is raising and sustaining higher and higher levels of frequency to open us up as we step into full mastership of our higher light selves in human form.  We are co-creators with the Universe as we become a chalice of love and light that opens and sustains out heart chakras.  As you listen to the CD, open fully and relax. and let your whole self be bathed in the healing energies that was over you and fill you, just as they fill the heart chakra of the planet.

"I'm playing Diana's CD all day at the office. It is affecting the people around me . They have started to smile more often."
Yukie, Executive, Advertising Agency, Japan

The purpose of this CD is to assist the listener in entering a portal into 5th, 6th and higher dimensional energies through harmonic resonance.  The listener can experience a raising of frequencies, and expansion to a higher consciousness, if the CD is used with focused intent in a meditative environment.

To our surprise, we received feedback showing how multi-purposed and tangibly expressed the energies radiating from the CD are.  People reported a range of effects, from higher physical vitality, accelerated healing, expanded meditative experiences, and enhanced mental clarity and creative flow in business settings.  When the CD is played softly in the background on continuous play, people experienced enhanced dreaming at night, and reported the clearing and raising of energy fields in various environments, including at health clinics and while driving through heavy traffic in a city.

Let your imagination be your guide and please share with us the magic you are experiencing.

A magical combination of music by Michael Hammer, mountain streams and sacred vocal invocations, recorded live against the radiant beauty of Panther Meadows on the slopes of Mount Shasta.

Transmission is:

  • A co-creation with the Angelic Realms, encoding this CD with Great Love, Healing Energies and Universal Codes of Light.
  • Activating Life-Force Energy, assisting you to access your Mastery, Healing Abilities
  • and communication with Authentic Self & Source.
  • Creating a whole new category of Energetic Sound Tools... opening a quantum
    "Field of Possibility"
  • State of the Art Sound Mastering through Crystal, Pyramid and Zero Point Energy

Feel the touch of the Divine each time you
play this sonic "Gift of Grace"!

Please call for wholesale pricing on bulk orders... 530- 926-4343.


-- For three weeks before you came to teach workshops in Okinawa, I listened to Transmission CD in the background 24/7 to experience the energy as mentioned on your website. To my surprise i lost all desire to smoke. My guess is my energy was so high from the CD's sound currents that my frequency went beyond that of the desire to smoke. I play it all the time to lift my spirits. Thank you so much.

-- In Las Vegas I started the Group advanced healing work with the CD as it clears & lifts the energy of the space and the people very quickly. That was when the 11 year old boy Brandon had the experience of breathing out of his nose for the 1st time in 7 years and now his mother, Ellen who is a healer and energy worker herself, plays it in his room each day to assist his health and his homework.

-- An architect from New York area Robert Federo, shared he plays it for centering and opening his consciousness during his business flights to Japan as well as in his office to assist in opening creativity. It brings Mt. Shasta beautiful energies to him whenever he plays it.

-- In Brazil many people play it through the night to open clairvoyance and their dream state. Healing centers and shops play it quietly on continuous play to lift the energy field and radiate positive energy in their establishments.

-- The CD is a "Gift of Grace" that immediately allows you to feel the love of the Angels brings the uplifting energies of Mt. Shasta right in your own home.

-- Several reported that playing it around babies stop fussiness or crying.

"I play the CD with every patient I treat to facilitate healing process. "
JT, Chiropractor, Japan

"What a divine blessing! To be in nature always rejuvenates my soul, mind, body and spirit. To receive the light of the Masters always expands my consciousness and assists me to embrace all aspects of life with love. To receive both of these energies through a CD that I can carry with me anywhere and play for my rejuvenation is priceless to me. While working, or traveling the Heavenly Realms and the Earth Realms to be who I am suppose to be.

May you all be so fortunate to receive this?" --
Qala Serenia Phoenix, Divine Channel for The Ascended Masters

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