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21st Century Foods
ublished in Mt. Shasta Magazine
By Diana Gazes

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In the dream I was in the future…a great awakening had begun at the end of 2001 due to great solar flare activity. Humanity stepped into their natural role as spiritual elders, wise ones and earth keepers. In one great collective call placed their hands up and demanded a stop to polluting the environment, cutting the old growth forests and rainforests, free energy technology was fully developed and operational, personal responsibility for health with natural methods was practiced. There was a respect for all life, all kingdoms and conscious communication and cooperation with the angels, the great devas and nature spirits. Earth became a respected member of The Galactic Councils. Each home had an organic veg and sprouting garden in their kitchen year round. Educational systems were redesigned to inspire young minds. Much like the Peace Corps, there was a Living Lifestyle Corps teaching the highest forms of living sprouted foods to all nations and peoples of the earth. Hunger no longer existed. Sprouting was taught to pre school children on up.

Ever since I can remember I have known that human potential and capabilities are our greatest natural resource. This led me to research people with exceptional human abilities to understand how to tap this higher level of functioning. How do we live a fuller, happier life, staying super healthy despite environmental pollutants, tap longevity like the Hunza people, live up to fullest potential and capabilities. And how to get clear enough to know what on earth I am doing, So, ever since I left an executive position at CBS many years ago, I traveled to many remote exploring, learning, teaching - worked with gurus, shamans, healers; many wondrous teachers that were truly inspired and I got to understand that while being here on planet earth, everything is motivated by energy. Nothing is still and solid although it appears to be. Everything, including our bodies, is really composed of different kinds of vibrating energies. So the higher we can raise our energies, the clearer we become…the subtle realms open... The more fun life is….

What is the 21st Century human's relationship with food? What does food play in this whole picture? What do we look for? Life force and Energy, Energy, Energy! What is my ‘energetic requirements’ for optimal health for my physical as well as my larger multidimensional extended being? Does it compliment, support and raise my body’s frequency? Is it natural and energetically intact? Definitely no GMO’s. Will it support a strong immune system – personal growth – clear creative thought, balance?

Out of personal necessity, new beginnings and discoveries are often born. Environmental stresses were starting to threaten my health and physical balance. For about five years in a row I often traveled to Europe doing workshops and media projects. I would return to the states feeling heavy from the pollution in the European cities, especially the lead from the car fumes and radiation from airplanes.

It was at this time I met one of my most important teachers, Dr. Ann Wigmore, a true visionary who lived her message. At 85 her hair turned back to its natural color and with boundless energy needed only 4 hrs. sleep giving her lots of time to write 21 books. Her work “Living Foods Lifestyle” is what popularized wheat grass drinks and sprouted foods. She used food as medicine and had many success stories in healing degenerative diseases, including cancer and arthritis. I witnessed some great healings.

I developed a routine of flying to “Dr. Ann's “ very simple yet wonderful institute on the beach in Porto Rico to clear myself after my return from Europe. As I followed the wheat grass and sprouted food diet, I would literally feel the heavy metals coming out of my system, out of my shoulders and my kidneys. I would also spend hours in the ocean and do yoga and meditation on the beach, colonic irrigation, and get massages to help the process along. After about two weeks, I would return home, with my skin shining, my mind crystal clear, looking ten years younger.

Why do these foods work so well to raise our energy, to clear out the body and elevate our frequencies? Compared to the animal protein staples of the American diet, sprouts provide a much higher and cleaner level of protein to our bodies. Mung beans sprouts supply 24% protein, lentil sprouts 25%, soy sprouts 28% and alfalfa 35%. They contain much higher levels of nutrients than raw vegetables. Because sprouts are baby plants, they release their live nourishment easily with a wealth of enzymes that allow even the weakest digestive systems to process them easily. Sprouting makes a great kitchen garden year round, creating an independent food source. A seed-sprouting system was even developed for the shuttle astronauts to provide a source of living foods in the pseudo-gravity environment of space.

Sprouts are easy to grow. One way is to soak the seeds in a jar for several hours (exact time depends on the type of seed and a chart will be given in another issue), then keep rinsing several times a day until they are green and mature. Some easy seeds to sprout: alfalfa, clover, lentils, radish, fenugreek, quinoa, adzuki or garbanzo beans, and trays of wheat grass, sunflower or buckwheat greens. Choosing living sprouted foods is more than a diet choice, it is a metaphor, saying Yes To Life!

‘Life-force Elixir’

Here is a recipe for a fabulous energy drink I give in corporate trainings as an alternative to the coffee break: In a blender about 4oz. Apple juice, 3oz pure water, ½ avocado, a variety of sprouts such as alfalfa, clover, sun flower greens, some soaked or sprouted nuts, organic apple peeled, sea weeds such as dulse and kelp (very important minerals and also neutralizes computer screen radiation) blend and drink. Ingredients can be varied to taste. It tastes great and is a powerhouse of energy for sustaining peak performance.

Diana Gazes is a clear transmitter of higher cosmic energies. For the last 30 years she has led international workshops, facilitates in person or remote Deep Healing and Clearing sessions/DNA Activation sessions and creates media on the leading edge of a new way of living. She has been described as having her feet firmly planted on the Earth while her hands touch the stars. As a firm believer of direct experience she has taught millions how to bend a spoon in union with the power of mind and spirit. Diana has been featured in TV/radio/internet interviews, books and magazines. Currently involved in the Global Group Clearing/Activation Project and a new CD “Transmission”, which opens a 5th Dimensional gateway. For more Info: PH: (786) 300-6063 or e-mail: or

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