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Fukuoka, Japan  July, 2006
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Preparing the Body & Soul for the Great Shift of this Time
Class photo after evening event "How to Prepare Body & soul for this time of great shift & change" in Fukuoka July 06 Lots of wonderful love, light & laughter was shared as the Angels, Ascended Masters & Councils of Light cleared and activated us with the new codes and frequencies of this time.

Fukuoka Spiritual Convention

Group photo at end of my presentation at the Fukuoka
Spiritual Convention. What a great group! ... The desire to serve the Planet was so clear in everyone's heart

Preparing the Body & Soul for the Great Shift of this Time -  Fukuoka, Japan, July 2006

During viewing of "5th Dimensional Experience" DVD, at a Fukuoka Evening Event , Diana is explaining about the unusual images
of "the El Beings from the Elohim Realms" that were showing up on the





Diana teaching at an evening Event "Preparing the Body & Soul for the Great Shift of this Time" in Fukuoka, Japan July 06. The room was filled with so many Angels and Beings of Light and so much love, light and practical information and experiences were shared.
John Boley to my left, did a great job at interpreting my words into Japanese.



Audience viewing "5th Dimensional Experience" at evening Event

Sharing a moment together during evening event in

Diana sharing at the evening event.  We are in a lovely Japanese
traditional style room.
Mami and Diana at
Fukuoka evening event "Loving sister energy between us"

A group of us after the evening event. Kanae in front of me is an absolute Angel. She did a wonderful job interpreting during private sessions and a great support, helper and friend to run around this wonderful city with me. I am still enjoying the gift of your home made Umaboshi Plums added to my energy drinks each day!

Kanae & I with John & Masayo Boley having dinner at a very delicious macrobiotic restaurant. I have gotten pretty good at using chop sticks. Thank you Kanae for such fine support and caring in so many ways.

It was such a delight to work and be with you. 
 Great food ... Great company! Thank you John for the fine translation job at the workshops and Event.
 Fukuoka Spiritual Convention -  Fukuoka, Japan, July 2006

I called Teddy San up to acknowledge his work in
organizing the Fukuoka Spiritual Convention and his work with Spiritual
TV which is close to my heart. Teddy shared " that a blockage in his throat chakra opened and cleared when he attended my workshop in Tokyo a few months earlier ... this allowed him to do his interviews with more ease and grace".


After two hour "Spheres Activation Event" and talk about "Preparing for changes of this time" , Diana is signing DVD's, CD's & Cosmic Activation Photos at Fukuoka Spiritual Convention July 06

Diana signing Cosmic Activation Photos at Fukuoka Spiritual Convention with Mami

Mami doing a spiritual reading with a client at the
Fukuoka Spiritual Convention.


Exploring the great market places of Fukuoka



Tasting my way through this delicious & healthy array of foods in the markets of Fukuoka ... mostly seaweeds in this shop prepared in most unusual ways.


When will I ever learn to pack light!!! I found it
interesting that all the bellhops lifting heavy bags were women.

Leaving Fukuoka on my way to Osaka, I wonder if the Beatles enjoyed this hotel as much as I ?


Another healthy buffet in Fukuoka.


Seaweed made in very tasty ways. I carried packages of these around as snacks for the rest of my trip.

Marinated seaweeds and fish ... delicious!!!  


Hiro, a lovely man who manages this organic Japanese restaurant.


Kaz , a magical body worker at the Fukuoka Spiritual Convention.
A Lotus pond across from Kanae's Energy Healing
center/office in Fukuoka.



Walking around Fukuoka

A Spiritual Festival was going on in Fukuoka and these floats were all over the city. At one point people will carry them all
together through the city.

A great appreciation for Japanese food. With
channeling so much energy through the sessions and Events I became hungry as a bear!







On my lunch break at our hotel in Fukuoka. The staff was the best ... this was the same hotel the Beatles stayed at.

This wonderful lady was the head of housekeeping at the hotel. Here we are honoring each other.

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