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Ise, Japan July 2006

Quantum Rejuvenation" & "Spheres of Love" workshop at the Shrine in Ise.

 We went to three different locations as part of the event : The Outer Shrine , in a class room, and on the land of the Inner Shrine.

What a wonderful day of experiencing ancient energies and teaching combined with the present ... touched and received the Earth, Universal and Divine energies and blessings!

Did you have any interesting experiences at these events, or afterwards?  Diana would love to hear from you.  Please send her your comments.  Click here to use the contact form

Opening the flow of receiving and giving with this beautiful ancestor tree at the Ise Shrine.



One of the many temples at Ise Shrine

Temple building at Ise Shrine

In front of the dance and performance temple where we were honored with an ancient performance with the Priestesses in amazing costumes doing a 2000 year old dance while the Priests played instruments and chanted.




Ise Shrine
Sumi, Cheiko, Diana and Satiko on steps of Ise Shrine Temple

On the bridge as we entered Ise Shrine

Walking over the bridge to enter the beautiful Ise Inner Shrine Land

Walking up to a
temple at Ise

We are about to enter the main temple.

Working with energy at Mt. Kurama Shrine in Kyoto. Legend has it that Sanat Kamura based here thousands of years ago

Some of the class gathered for dinner at a wonderful
organic buffet restaurant after a one day "Quantum Rejuvenation" workshop


A wonderful dinner at an Organic Buffet

Scenery and interesting energy image in photo on train to Osaka from Ise

Relaxing on the high speed train from Ise to Osaka.   The green is all rice fields.

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