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Conscious Christmas Gifts

Transmission CD opens a high frequency quantum “Field of Possibility” through Light Infusion and Harmonic Resonance. Transmission is a co-creation with Angels imprinting this CD with Great Love, Healing Energies and Universal Codes of Light. Many people play this CD continuously to open a clear high frequency field in their environment. Click the image to see how others have enjoyed this gift!


“Ocean Of Love” & “Ocean Of Freedom” CD’s

 Whale songs & Quin Yins loving energy weave throughout these two chanting and music CDs. Each are very unique and inspiring in different ways. Experience and receive the Blessings and Activations of the Divine Frequencies of Love, Grace and Compassion of Quan Yin and the Divine Mothers to awaken your own Multi-Dimensional gifts and abilities.

This CD was produced as a co-creation with the Divine Mothers & Lighteam Masters. CLICK on image to see what people are saying.


5th Dimensional Experience DVD

“The DVD 5th Dimensional Experience is amazing. I’ve never seen orbs and codes of light representing other dimensional beings appearing in such a colorful, radiant and unique way. You can literally feel the spirit beings coming off the screen into the room. They  show us the multidimensional field we live in.” Julia Tahira, Oneness Teacher, Sweden &  Ca.
This DVD was a joy to make and truly a gift from Spirit. We are living in a very special time where the veils between worlds are very thin and what was previously hidden has been appearing on my camera. The photos represent many different kingdoms … Experience the energy of the Nature Spirits, Fiery Realms, Galactic Star Family and 5th Dimensional Codes/Geometries of Consciousness. They hold keys to activate our multi-dimensional gifts and Human Mastery. CLICK image to explore further. ENJOY!.ELLornia
Julia Tahira, International Oneness Teacher, Mt. Shasta, California

Quantumwave Laser –

I am so excited about my new laser! In the first week a knee problem I had is gone, my skin looks and feels tighter and tiny wrinkles are gone.  It’s like my “live-in healer” always available for rejuvenation, deep restoration & self healing.

The Scaler Wave Laser is a cold or low level laser system that has been designed to gently rejuvenate and unwind the cells, clearing the cell memory.

How it Works: Cold Lasers gently rejuvenate the cells by gently donating energy in the form of photons  which then increases the energy molecule of the cell, called ATP, which in turn stimulates the cell to grow more efficiently like sunlight in a garden. This laser is being used by health practitioners, sports teams, and lots health minded lay people around the Planet. In fact, anyone who wishes to use structured coherent light to rejuvenate cells, turn the aging process or for injuries, pain relief, stress, dis ease, facial rejuvenation, organ detox, cranial and glandular unwinding, energy healing, and quantum activation and shift to the unified field.

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