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Conscious Christmas Gifts

Transmission CD opens a high frequency quantum “Field of Possibility” through Light Infusion and Harmonic Resonance. Transmission is a co-creation with Angels imprinting this CD with Great Love, Healing Energies and Universal Codes of Light. Many people play this CD continuously to open a clear high frequency field in their environment. Click the image to see how others have enjoyed this gift!


“Ocean Of Love” & “Ocean Of Freedom” CD’s

 Whale songs & Quin Yins loving energy weave throughout these two chanting and music CDs. Each are very unique and inspiring in different ways. Experience and receive the Blessings and Activations of the Divine Frequencies of Love, Grace and Compassion of Quan Yin and the Divine Mothers to awaken your own Multi-Dimensional gifts and abilities.

This CD was produced as a co-creation with the Divine Mothers & Lighteam Masters. CLICK on image to see what people are saying.


5th Dimensional Experience DVD

“The DVD 5th Dimensional Experience is amazing. I’ve never seen orbs and codes of light representing other dimensional beings appearing in such a colorful, radiant and unique way. You can literally feel the spirit beings coming off the screen into the room. They  show us the multidimensional field we live in.” Julia Tahira, Oneness Teacher, Sweden &  Ca.
This DVD was a joy to make and truly a gift from Spirit. We are living in a very special time where the veils between worlds are very thin and what was previously hidden has been appearing on my camera. The photos represent many different kingdoms … Experience the energy of the Nature Spirits, Fiery Realms, Galactic Star Family and 5th Dimensional Codes/Geometries of Consciousness. They hold keys to activate our multi-dimensional gifts and Human Mastery. CLICK image to explore further. ENJOY!.ELLornia
Julia Tahira, International Oneness Teacher, Mt. Shasta, California


“Your probably wondering why I am putting a Psychokenesis (Spoon Bending) video on a health and rejuvenation blog. At one point in time I had a vast and colorful career of teaching this artform over international broadcast television (Regis, Geraldo, Good Morning Australia, etc.) In fact, the press loved it so much they helped get the message out and I got more press than any woman in the world on this subject. It was about teaching people that they have the power to create all of their reality including putting the power of healing back into their own hands!

Spoon Bending workshop at Sydney Town Hall led by Diana Gazes. Diana has taught millions of people worldwide how to bend a spoon in union with the power of their mind, heart and spirit.Metal bending is an experience in personal power, a metaphor for possibilities. People developed the skills to access, harness and direct the power of their mind to produce results they previously thought impossible. It is a very important time to own our personal power so that we can make a positive difference on this planet. Anything is possible!


New Age TV Show Promo reporting on positive future trends. Host: Diana Gazes one of many visionary multi-media projects for expanding consciousness..


“Although you may not understand the language, feel the energy coming through the screen of this exciting 3 day, 3 page newspaper event in London to shift collective consciousness within the entire U.K.”

This clip which is from a Japanese program in 1993 is being shared on youtube due to the appropriateness of the content at this time. The clip is an interview with Diana Gazes reporting on a 3 day 3 page newspaper event where 10 million people around the UK focused mind energy with Diana Gazes who was working in conscious with many masters from the Light Realms to assist people in creating a positive event or miracle in their life. Many amazing things happened,including a blind man with a detached retina seeing again and a DJ from the country side of England, who asked his audience to focus on fixing a air conditioner that none of their engineers were able to repair, and at the moment of the event. their air conditioning turned on by itself. This was an experiment in collective consciousness to show that with the help of the divine, anything is possible. Please feel free to check out our website and step into a 5th Dimensional Experience. We would love to hear your comments. Blessings