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Conscious Christmas Gifts

Transmission CD opens a high frequency quantum “Field of Possibility” through Light Infusion and Harmonic Resonance. Transmission is a co-creation with Angels imprinting this CD with Great Love, Healing Energies and Universal Codes of Light. Many people play this CD continuously to open a clear high frequency field in their environment. Click the image to see how others have enjoyed this gift!


“Ocean Of Love” & “Ocean Of Freedom” CD’s

Jo Conrad interviews Diana Gazes in Thailand

Interview with Diana Gazes from Jo Conrad on Vimeo.


New Age TV Show Promo reporting on positive future trends. Host: Diana Gazes one of many visionary multi-media projects for expanding consciousness..


“Although you may not understand the language, feel the energy coming through the screen of this exciting 3 day, 3 page newspaper event in London to shift collective consciousness within the entire U.K.”

This clip which is from a Japanese program in 1993 is being shared on youtube due to the appropriateness of the content at this time. The clip is an interview with Diana Gazes reporting on a 3 day 3 page newspaper event where 10 million people around the UK focused mind energy with Diana Gazes who was working in conscious with many masters from the Light Realms to assist people in creating a positive event or miracle in their life. Many amazing things happened,including a blind man with a detached retina seeing again and a DJ from the country side of England, who asked his audience to focus on fixing a air conditioner that none of their engineers were able to repair, and at the moment of the event. their air conditioning turned on by itself. This was an experiment in collective consciousness to show that with the help of the divine, anything is possible. Please feel free to check out our website and step into a 5th Dimensional Experience. We would love to hear your comments. Blessings


Love smoothies! As our energy raises so does our need for high frequency foods. Super Food Smoothies can support Body & Soul in this time of change.

It is quick, easy and totally satisfying. I often have a super food smoothie as my complete meal. It’s a great way to get the nutrient dense natural power foods such as Spirulina, Blue Green Algae, Maca, Lucuma, Goji Berries, raw Cacao Powder and so many more into our diet. On another blog I will list the nutritional value of the different super foods.

Let yourself be creative.

RECIPE: This is an example of one of many smoothies you can create:

In a blender add about 8 oz of water,