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I am so excited about my new laser! In the first week a knee problem I had is gone, my skin looks and feels tighter and tiny wrinkles are gone.  It’s like my “live-in healer” always available for rejuvenation, deep restoration & self healing.

The Scaler Wave Laser is a cold or low level laser system that has been designed to gently rejuvenate and unwind the cells, clearing the cell memory.

How it Works: Cold Lasers gently rejuvenate the cells by gently donating energy in the form of photons  which then increases the energy molecule of the cell, called ATP, which in turn stimulates the cell to grow more efficiently like sunlight in a garden. This laser is being used by health practitioners, sports teams, and lots health minded lay people around the Planet. In fact, anyone who wishes to use structured coherent light to rejuvenate cells, turn the aging process or for injuries, pain relief, stress, dis ease, facial rejuvenation, organ detox, cranial and glandular unwinding, energy healing, and quantum activation and shift to the unified field.

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