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Jo Conrad interviews Diana Gazes in Thailand

Interview with Diana Gazes from Jo Conrad on Vimeo.

Radio Interview with Karen Sheeks Supporting Body & Soul in this Time of Change

Karen Sheeks Radio Show ‘Mount Shasta Moments‘- Interview with Diana Gazes

Sharing My Healthy Travel Tips

Before I fly and after I land, I make sure to have lots of kelp and other seaweed so my body does not absorb all the radiation from flying. I wear loose natural fiber clothing for comfort and  not to add more stress when flying. When I am going through time zones (like I am doing shortly for Thailand) I take healthy snacks and a tablet called ‘No Jet Lag’. I set my clock for the time zone I am flying into and try to sleep and be awake during their natural hours. I find meditation helps a lot on planes and with eliminating jet lag. Many have shared with me they play Transmission On the Slopes of Mt. Shasta while they fly as it brings the frequency of the mountain right into the airplane and balances their body. If you want it for your next flight go to   http://www.digstation.com/ArtistAlbums.aspx?albumID=ALB000031343