Sessions and Evening Events

The sessions and Evening Events are designed to support people in gracefully moving through the great acceleration now occurring on Earth.  Truly, each session is unique and much more happens than could possibly be written about or expressed.  I am always amazed, deeply touched and honored to serve in this way.

The level of divine love, caring and grace that fills the room is exquisite, deeply nurturing and truly feeds the soul and always works towards the ascension process which is full mastery in form and activation of their Original Divine Blueprint.

With each successive private or group session a person has, the clearer the flow opens to their Authentic and Empowered Self.  Each session is like peeling away the layers of an onion - each revealing and activating more of their divine gifts and mastery.

Opening the Field of Possibility

Spheres of Love

Quantum Rejuvenation

What All Sessions Have in Common

As we begin, a great portal of light opens and fills the room and surrounding areas, even if the person or group is thousands of miles away in a phone session.  As I invite the Ascended Masters, Angels, Divine Mothers and each person's own guides and God Presence to join us. a very tangible, multidimensional, high frequency quantum "Field of Possibility" is formed.

People often have a very direct experience of the Master Beings and energies in the room.  As an example, I often hear people say their head or arm was touched by an Angel or felt hands working through their brain or other organs needing assistance or even receiving chiropractic.

All decisions on how much is cleared, activated, or which activations and initiations are received are always decided by your higher self, the inner plane Masters and your personal Guides, I fully open and hold the field expanded as I am guided moment by moment by highly skilled and loving beings as to what are the highest options for the person at that moment.














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